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Gill Montague Senior Center Programs

Brown Bags
First Thursday of every month 10:30 am to noon. This is a partnership program offerred by the Western Mass Food Bank and the Gill Montague Councl on Agng for low income seniors. There is an easy application process and one must be registered in advance. Participants will be provided with a generous bag of groceries monthly. Senior Center staff can process your application by telephone at 413-863-9357. Bags are distributed in the Senior Center parking lot and all covid precautions are enforced.

Mobile Food Pantry

Third Wednesday of every month from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm. This is another monthly program partnered by the Food Bank of Wester Mass and the Gill Montague Council on Aging. The Western Mass Food Bank distributes food bundles in the Senior Center parking lot between 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm on the third Wednesday of every month. Everyone is welcome, there is no qualifying information to share, no preregistration, and it is open to all ages. Covid precautions are in place.

Foot Clinic

The Gill Montague Council on Aging has contracted Foot Care by Nurses to provide a monthly foot clinic at the Senior Center. The cost to participants is $10 per visit and participants are eligible for bi-monthly appointments. Pre-registration is required. Clients are admitted to the Senior Center one at a time; the provider is a registered nurse, and all covid related precautions are in place. The cost of this program is subsidized by the Gill Montague Council on Aging with funds from the Executive Office of Elder Affairs. To make an appointment, call the Senior Center at 413-863-9357

Montague Wood Bank

The Gill Montague Councilon Aging administers the distribution of wood from the Montague Wood Bank to low to moderate income Montague residents. Wood bank volunteers annually cut, split, and stack wood from trees taken down by the Montague DPW. The wood is distributed in half-cord lots. To apply, please call the Senior Center at 413-863-9357

Home Repair Assistance

The Gill Montague Council on Aging has $100 to $500 grants available to Montague and Gill low to moderate income homeowners for home repairs, particularly those related to home safety. For additional information and eligibility requirements, please call the Senior Center at 413-863-9357